Resilience in Higher Education: A Conversation with The Resilience Consortium

The Resilience Consortium is pleased to announce a panel presentation/discussion, Resilience in Higher Education: A Conversation with The Resilience Consortium, at the AAC&U’s 2016 Annual Meeting, January 22-23, 2016, in Washington, DC.  The panelists are Adina Glickman (Stanford University); Abigail Lipson (Harvard University); Myrna Cohen (University of Pennsylvania); and Nic Voge (Princeton University).

Session Description

The Resilience Consortium is an association of higher education faculty, learning services, and counseling services interested in understanding and promoting student resilience.  Formed in 2014 by ten Ivy+ universities, The Consortium emerged from a shared sense that today’s students encounter unprecedented challenges in their lives and work that require them to exercise capacities for resilience, and that institutions of higher education have an important role to play in helping young people develop these capacities.

The Research Consortium has quickly evolved as an open and collaborative community that aims to better understand the nature of resilience in our students’ lives and work, develop and implement interventions to promote student resilience, and produce research, disseminate information, share materials, and provide consultation among member schools and within the larger field of higher education regarding issues related to student resilience. Participating institutions determine independently how to address issues of resilience on their own campuses, given their unique resources, interests, and student populations. Diverse cultural and personal assumptions, values, circumstances, and perspectives and welcomed and respected.  

This session constitutes an invitation to meeting attendees to learn about and consider joining The Resilience Consortium.  Members of The Resilience Consortium steering committee will discuss their own campuses' work in support of improving student resilience.  Following the panel presentation, panelists will engage in a facilitated discussion with the audience, framed by The Resilience Consortium’s guiding questions:

  • What are the habits, attitudes, and skills associated with resilience in the college/university setting?
  • To what extent can resilience be learned in young adulthood?
  • What pedagogies and learning contexts influence student conceptions of success, failure, and risk, and promote or inhibit the development of resilience?
  • What is the long term impact for young people in their academic and professional endeavors, when they are provided with opportunities to develop their capacities for resilience during their college/university years?

For the Conference Program

By the time they reach college, many of our students have developed academic and personal resilience in the face of family, sociocultural, or financial adversity. But the college experience inevitably presents students with new demands and expectations that test their limits.  How do we help our students understand, respond to, and learn from inevitable challenges and setbacks and help them develop lifelong capacities for resilience?

The Resilience Consortium was founded in 2014 by ten Ivy+ universities to spark conversations, collaborations, and new ideas for promoting resilience on college campuses. This panel discussion features members of The Resilience Consortium’s steering committee, who will share examples of program initiatives, survey instruments, web resources, and video narratives from their respective campuses. Attendees will be invited to participate in a robust discussion and to join The Consortium’s growing community of educators interested in promoting student resilience.