Programs & Projects

ripples of colour

This section includes events, programs and projects designed to promote resilience, including:

Opportunities for reflection and development
    • Community events, panel discussions, presentations
    • Small-group discussion
    • Individual counseling and mentoring
    • Academic courses or multi-session programs
Modeling, life stories, and examples 
    • Videos
    • Interviews/blogs

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Drop-In Workshops

“Getting Gritty” is a drop-in workshop which is available to all our Baylor Students. It is led by our Case Manager, Teran Yaklin and Sarah Dorrell-Ritter, Student Life Case Manager. They discuss a different topic every week that is relevant to the concerns of our Baylor Students (... Read more about Drop-In Workshops

Grit Workshops

Grit is remembering there are multiple pathways to success, knowing when and how to ask for help, working hard even after you experience failure or feel like quitting, and staying passionate about your purpose even when it is hard.

Thrive at UT

An iPhone app developed by the University of Texas at Austin to help students manage the ups and downs of campus life.


The website features stories of successes and failures, ups and downs, hardships and self-discoveries, in order to foster resilience and create more honest and open dialogue on Penn’s campus.

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