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ripples of colour

This section includes events, programs and projects designed to promote resilience, including:

Opportunities for reflection and development
    • Community events, panel discussions, presentations
    • Small-group discussion
    • Individual counseling and mentoring
    • Academic courses or multi-session programs
Modeling, life stories, and examples 
    • Videos
    • Interviews/blogs

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Navigating College With Resilience

A series of videos interviewing students about topics such as struggling with academic interests, managing time, and going out of state for college. 

Strengths-Based Resilience

The Strengths-Based Resilience program is designed to help you develop resilience, defined as the ability to cope with adversity. The program invites you to reflect actively on your experiences that demonstrate various aspects of your resilience.

Rebound Program

During the Spring semester, the Rebound Program at Saint Joseph’s University assists first year students and transfer students who earned less than a 2.0 GPA during the Fall semester to get back on track academically. The goal of the program is to provide resources for students throughout the... Read more about Rebound Program

ASU CareerWise

ASU CareerWise is a resource for graduate women in science and engineering. In this section, you can learn about the attitudes, skills, and behaviors that are associated with personal resilience.

Read more about ASU CareerWise

Phoenix Flops

A documentary short about overcoming failure and being resilient.
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